Impala Asset Management is a multi billion investment management firm that invests in global cyclical equities. The firm was founded by industry veteran Bob Bishop in 2004.

Impala Asset Management is a multi billion investment management firm that invests in global cyclical equities. The firm was founded by industry veteran Bob Bishop in 2004.

Our investment process combines deep, bottom-up research with extensive sector expertise complemented by a macro perspective. We manage a fairly concentrated portfolio that seeks to take advantage of the natural volatility in companies within basic industries such as autos, capital goods, basic materials and energy. Our strategy gives investors cyclical stock exposure with the benefit of historical context from senior investment professionals who have experienced many market cycles.

Impala has 20 employees, including 10 investment professionals. We have offices in Connecticut, New York and Florida.

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Track record

  • Impala has been managing investment partnerships and other vehicles for over a decade. Over this period, the firm has demonstrated an ability to generate alpha across numerous points of an economic cycle.

Experienced investment team

  • Founded in 2004 by Bob Bishop

  • 20 employees: 10 investment professionals

  • Senior research analysts average over 25 years of experience 

Focus on cyclical equity exposure

  • Impala’s universe is primarily focused on Industrials, Materials, Consumer Discretionary and Energy sectors

  • Deep, sector expertise in these volatile and often misunderstood industries

  • Impala provides exposure to sectors that other managers typically are not substantially invested in*

Disciplined approach to risk management

  • Bottom-up investment approach is complemented by a top-down perspective 

Aligned interests (“skin in the game”):

  • Employee capital represents approximately10% of invested capital which collectively makes employees one of the largest investors in the firm’s offerings

Established reputation as a high integrity institutional caliber organization

  • Investor friendly culture

  • Commitment to transparency

  • Robust operational infrastructure

  • SEC-registered since 2006** 

Unique culture

  • Horizontal structure allows open communication and exchange of ideas across sectors

*as measured by observing 13F filings of other long/short equity funds

**Registration of an Investment Adviser does not imply any level of skill or training.

Cyclical equities comprise nearly half of the S&P 500 yet are substantially underrepresented in managed investment portfolios.* 

  • Navigating the economic sensitivities of companies in this segment lends to a value and contrarian approach.
  • Eschewing exposure to cyclicals may dilute portfolio diversification benefits.

*As measured by observing 13F filings of other long/short equity funds.

Experts in cyclical equities

  • 10 analysts covering 20 sectors/sub-sectors
  • Senior analysts average over 25 years experience
  • Firm grasp of the intricacies of company and industry dynamics across market cycles

Deep, bottom-up research coupled with awareness of macro factors

  • Contrarian approach to investing
  • Understand economic influences on companies and select undervalued companies poised for significant appreciation

Extensive network of industry contacts

  • Long-term relationships with companies, managements, customers and suppliers
  • Broad, global public and private company contacts

Focused on investment universe underrepresented in the hedge fund industry*

  • Volatile names require expertise
  • Typically low overlap with other hedge funds*

Significant positions held over a longer-term horizon

  • Impala believes that concentrated directional bets in well-researched companies are likely to yield greater benefits over the long-term

*as measured by observing 13F filings of other long/short equity funds

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